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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Again this week, I hooked up with the weblog-writers meeting via webcast and IRC. For your reading pleasure, I've got the IRC transcript:

IRC Transcript in HTML (44KB)

There was a rumor that the webcast would be archived for future listening, but in case that didn't work, I've got a recording here too. If anyone needs an MP3, just let me know.

Update: Dave posted a link to the Real Audio archive of the meeting.

It's 40MB -- which seems awfully big to me, since my MP3 recording is just under 18MB. I wonder if there's a difference in quality between the two. I recorded the MP3 in mono at 24kbps, which is more than good enough for speech, and is 50% higher bitrate than the stream I was listening to using Real Player. Scratches head...
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