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Radio 8.0 - It's My Secret Weapon!

I've learned to face the music: I'm addicted to the web!

I just love learning new things -- and, in particular, sharing what I learn with my friends and business colleagues.

For that, Radio 8.0 is my secret weapon!

My favorite feature in Radio 8.0 is the News Aggregator. Never before have I had the ability to simply and easily dip into the flow of new content being created in realtime across the web.

Radio 8.0 gives me that power -- right on my desktop, every hour!

Using the News Aggregator, I subscribe to a couple of hundred "feeds" -- think of them as dynamic real-time links to content-based websites across the web. They include major news sources and small, personal, but highly informed and opinionated weblogs.

(You can view my personal subscription list of feeds here. For a comprehensive list of feeds available, see the list at the Syndic8 web site:

Every hour, I can quickly and easily scan across what's new on the web on the sites that I care about. Using the weblogging features of Radio, I can easily highlight those changes of particular interest to me -- and, most importantly, quickly and easily share them on my own personal weblog with my friends and colleagues. In fact, they can use their own Radio's to tune into my 'edited' weblog feed.

Radio is a unique tool for someone like me who needs to keep pace in today's environment. Radio 8.0 is truly my secret weapon!

News Sources

Here are some notes on places to look for RSS feeds:

You can also search Google looking for RSS feeds. Here's an example using linux as the keyword for the search: linux filetype:rss

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