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Daily link Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hello, we know you're still subscribed to this blog (9,000 of you are on Bloglines, for instance). So, please unsubscribe from this blog and come over and visit me in my new home at

My new RSS feed is here:

I have permanently moved over there, so please do come and visit!

1:44:16 PM    Mudpit 

Daily link Saturday, October 15, 2005

I should have been clearer. My new blog is over on WordPress's new hosted service, which is still in beta. I've been posting frequently over there.

I'm still playing around, though, and learning the new system. I'm also setting up a separate blog over on TypePad to learn that blog tool. And have yet another one over on DABU too.

Oh, and of course, there's our book blog (which is also on TypePad) and the Channel 9 video blog, done on modified version of Community Server. So, I'm getting around to a variety of blog tools and services. I find I don't like a lot about all the tools. It's interesting to me that no one has really come out with a big blog breakthrough lately.

I'm getting another demo of Flock tomorrow, too.

Oh, and ou might check in on Channel 9. I just uploaded three videos, including my first Xbox 360 one, an interview with a Vice President in charge of half of our developer division (we're shipping Visual Studio "within days" I hear).

3:38:05 AM    Mudpit 

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