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Daily Permalink Friday, November 14, 2003

Diego Duval: "RSS is not anti-web, RSS is the web at its best."

I guess Diego missed the fact that we had an RSS news aggregator built into Longhorn already. I guess he missed the fact that we're still a member of the W3C and that many of the Web standards were implemented by Microsoft first.

You'll see us do lots for cross-platform approaches as well. But, we're going back and making sure that Windows is a great platform as well. Sorry, but that's what we do around here. Last I saw I wasn't paid to help Apple improve the Macintosh, or help Linus Torvalds improve Linux.

By the way, average users don't think RSS is the Web. Just cause Instant Messaging uses TCP/IP protocols, does that make it Web technologies? No. Most users see the Web as everything that comes to their browser.

Microsoft is making huge investments in Internet technologies. Yeah, many of those investments are Windows-only approaches. But, Web standards aren't going away, no matter how cool we make Longhorn. Why? There's always going to be a "reach vs. richness" argument and for many projects you'll go with the "reach" approach. For instance, the folks who do will always go for a reach approach. Until Longhorn is used on 100% of computers (I don't expect to be alive if that day ever happens) we'll still need an approach that goes across platforms. The Web is it. That said, we want our customers to have the best possible experience when using reach technologies. Guess what? So does Apple. So does Linux. That's what's great about competition.

Also, remember, I'm just one guy. I'm not aware of everything Microsoft is doing. Even last night I learned about yet more we are doing in Internet technologies that you'll hear about soon. So, while I might make it sound like we're trying to kill the Web and go onto something else (whether it's RSS, or XAML) there are other teams working very hard on making the Web experience better too.

Have a great weekend and keep those cards and letters coming!

Good morning. I'm taking the weekend off as I travel down to Silicon Valley to see my son and attempt to catch up on old emails and such.

Thanks to everyone who came to dinner last night to see Dana Epp. Thanks to Dana for being a great guest. His weblog has gotten on my radar screen big time.

Have a great weekend. Oh, and I changed a setting here so that my home page only shows today's entries. I wonder if that's better than showing seven days. Certainly puts less stress on the infrastructure. I had 3000 people visit yesterday. If I can make my page size 1/7th as big, that'll certainly help Radio UserLand.

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