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Daily Permalink Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I thought I was gonna get some blogging time tonight, but alas, your aggregators are safe from being stuffed tonight. I gotta go pick Maryam up. Tomorrow night I'm gonna have a nice night off of the computer. Friday I'm traveling. Saturday, we'll see.

In the meantime I wrote something for my Longhorn blog I think you'll enjoy:

How to Hate Microsoft.

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Just a note: looks like it's fair game to attack webloggers now. Instapundit had a denial of service attack against it the other day. If my site ever becomes unreachable, I'll just go on vacation.

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Sorry I'm a little light on the blogging. Got tons going on preparing for the PDC.

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I was over at Julie's site and saw Clemens' new t-shirt. Yo, Clemens, look me up. I'll definitely buy you a beer.

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If you're Allen Denman, the guy who took money from people at the Store of Floors in Redmond and didn't deliver carpets or hardwood floors, and you're doing some Google searches on your name, you'll now find my articles too. That'll treat you not to take people's money.

By the way, the KIRO-TV article about the crook who ripped off carpet and flooring customers put a disclaimer at the bottom that "Denman's operation is not connected with the Store of Floors in Everett." I think they wrote that to protect against a libel suit. But, when I go to Google, I see that Allen was the Everett store's main installer for six years, and check this out: in an old PR puff piece, this page in Google's cache clearly ties Denman to the Everett store, but the new page removes all mention of him. I hear he's back working at the Everett store too.

It makes me wonder about the whole Store of Floors chain. Here's a hint to any consumer: if they are forcing you to pay cash, walk the other way. At least if you use a credit card (make sure it's a real credit card, not a check card) you can dispute the charges if you don't get what you paid for.

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