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Here's my policy for granting interviews with the press.

I will not grant any more interviews unless Waggener Edstrom is contacted first and asks me to grant an interview.

So, I need to write up a "Scobleizer Press FAQ."

Q: How do I get an interview with you?

A: Contact Waggener Edstrom. Here's the page with all the contacts for Microsoft.

Q: Why aren't you talking to the press?

A: For a variety of reasons, biggest of all is that it's in my employment contract that I not talk to the press without prior PR approval.

Q: But you talk to bloggers all the time, aren't they also press?

A: Yes.

Q: So, why can you write a blog, but you can't grant interviews?

A: I am writing in the public and everyone has equal access to the information I post in the public. If I grant interviews, that means I'm treating one person or corporation better than another. Not good.

Q: So, what if I ask you a question on my blog, will you answer it?

A: Maybe, but the answer will be done in public and on my blog so everyone has equal access to my ideas.

Q: So, isn't that the same as an interview?

A: Yes, but without exclusivity. Anyone could quote my blog then.

Q: Can I quote your blog in my news article?

A: Yes!

Q: If I send you email and ask for an interview, will you answer it?

A: No, but I will forward it to Waggener Edstrom so they'll know of your interest.

Q: But what if I need your response faster than that?

A: Post a question in my comments. I'll answer those in my comments or on my blog.

Q: What if I meet you at a conference or a weblog dinner?

A: I will not grant exclusive interviews anymore, sorry. If I'm speaking in public, you're welcome to quote me, but if you want exclusive information from me, we'll need to arrange something through Waggener Edstrom.

Q: When you write on your blog, is this an official Microsoft position?

A: No. My writings here are not vetted by Microsoft, and are not official. Often they aren't even correct (although I do try to be as correct as possible and will correct mistakes when I learn that I made one).

Any other questions? I'm going to put this on a separate page and link to it from my linkbar so that everyone will be clear. Please post a question or comment here and I'll add my answer to the FAQ.

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