February 9, 2002

Detroit News: "I may be missing something here, but isnít there a better answer to conquering the ungodly 15- to 18-hour time difference between Sydney and the States than Katie Couric or Devin Scillian repeatedly reminding me in some cute new way to push the mute button, cup my ears, or play deaf and dumb if I donít want to know the results of an Olympic event?"
3:37:18 PM  

The Sporting News: "(The following column was previously recorded.)"
3:35:51 PM  

Washington Post: "We are a culture of immediacy. CBS is sitting on the results like it's hatching eggs.

These aren't the '70s anymore, when there were three networks and you could use tape delay for sports.

ESPN has three 24-hour sports networks alone."
3:33:03 PM  

PBS' NewsHour did a roundtable back in July 26, 1996 about NBC's coverage of the Atlanta games.

Margaret Warner: "Welcome, all of you. Lee Cullum, a lot of the controversy about NBCís coverage has concerned this practice they have of putting on as live actually events that have taken place hours before. Do you have a problem with that?"

(The RealAudio recording of the show is also still available.)
12:29:21 PM  

Seattle Times: 'In terms of addressing the spirit of the games, an Olympiad where, as Costas put it, "Nations come together to imagine a world as we wish it could be," the Canadians gave us a televised opening-day event as we wish it could have been.'

And the Opening Ceremonies on CBC were also commercial free. And live, coast to coast.
12:19:34 PM  


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