June 2, 2004

The 2004 federal elections are underway in Canada. Here's my election.weblogs.com site that covered the 2000 federal election.

The Globe and Mail has a page of reports about what's happening with the party leaders' campaigns. What's being served for dinner on the plane and other important notes from the hustings.

Paul Wells of Macleans is covering the ineptitude of the Martin team on his weblog: "Oh yeah. Paul Martin had some events today. But you know what? You pull idiotic stunts like this, and Paul Martin gets blown off the top of the news by his hired clowns."

Warren Kinsella a Liberal insider comes up with this on the ambush: "You know, guys, there's something called dying with dignity. This isn't."

BlogsCanada has a good directory of the various election sites...
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2/3 of the way... The Windows Media Player 10 technical beta has changed some of the menu labels. "Copy from CD" to Rip. "Copy to CD or Device" to Burn. But "Media Library" is now Library. Where's the Mix?
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