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  Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today's show starts off with a bang, as I'm now recording and airing all communications with BT and EasyNet. Of course there's other stuff to discuss in 40 minutes of pure intellect :)


Shownotes in opml
Today's show starts off with a bang, as I'm now recording and airing all communications with BT and EasyNet. Of course there's other stuff to discuss in 40 minutes of pure intellect :)


Shownotes in opml

Show details
    Podcast on January 18th 2005
    From Guildford, Curry Cottage
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No Stinkin' Transmitters - OpenPodcast.org #554
Adam's Podcasting Sweeper
Rockmaninov Opener
Jamie Foxx, not Farr!
Easynet phone calls
BT Easynet
Farrah Fawcett lawsuit
Stuart Hunter Trivia
    From:       Stuart Hunter <shuntera@gmail.com>;
    Subject:     Name That Tune - Answers
    Date:     January 18, 2005 5:52:54 AM GMT+00:00
    To:       Adam Curry <adam@curry.com>;
    Reply-To:       Stuart Hunter <shuntera@gmail.com>;
    Hey, Adam - that was fun, thanks very much for playing my bit - I do
    like it when podcasts get interactive.
    I think there are a lot of folks like me out there who don't really
    have the inclination to commit to undertaking a regular podcast but
    sometimes come up with stuff that is suitable for inclusion in an
    established podcast such as yours.
    I had great fun doing the bit and I hope the listeners got into it as well.
    Anyway here are the answers
    1: Morrissey - Every Day is Like Sunday
    2: Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around
    3: Visage - Fade to Gray
    4: Mental As Anything - Live It Up
    5: John Farnham - The Voice
    6: Icehouse  - Hey Little Girl
    7: The Connels - 74, 75
    8: Black - Wonderful Life
Ken Gantz and his Arbtron diary
    Hopefully I will go down in podcasting history as the first person to document a podcasted show in my Arbitron radio diary. I had really hoped that I would be able to list the DSC in the diary but couldn't get around the fact that one of the pieces of data they require for each entry is whether the show is on AM or FM. I was afraid that including the DSC might invalidate the diary.
    I wound up listing my other favorite podcast done by Leo Laporte on KFI 640 AM in Los Angeles. I also made a note in the comments section of the diary explaining how podcasting makes it possible for me to listen to a radio station in Los Angeles while living in Louisville, KY. I finished by  including a quote that I think is suitable a bumper sticker (do they have bumper stickers in Europe?). "Podcasting expands radio's reach."
    Note in the attached screenshot how Arbitron doesn't even know the word "Podcast". They will after this week!
    Ken Gantz
SoundSeeing continued
    email about Murrow
            Dear Adam,
               Hello from snowy Rhode Island.  I was listening to your podcast today and was rather intrigued to hear your Edward R. Murrow clip posted from another listener.  I dont know if you know about his history at CBS or the structure of radio at that time, (I assume that as a professional in radio you probably already do) but before Murrow came to CBS, radio was very much scripted and edited down with little or no live brodcasts at all.  Its all very interesting to see how he began to pioneer the "soundseeing" that you yourself are now taking an interest in.  Bob Edwards, the long  time NPR voice on Morning Edition actually wrote a book on Murrow entitled "Edward R. Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism" that was an excellent read and also quoted the very broadcast that you podcasted today.  Anyhow, just thought I'd drop you a line on that one.  Oh, and it was Jamie Fox, not Jamie Farr; but you probably got about 50 other corrections on that one.  Keep up the great work, you have pretty much become my afternoon commute.
            Best Regards,
            Ryan Napolitano
            ps.  In regards to your search for GPS interface, you may want to research the garmin ique 500 (not sure on that model #), which is a gps/palm device that has some quirky little options on it.  Also, have you heard of the cell phone project in NYC that tags numbers on locations, and when you call them, you are given a little audio snippet?  I was hearing a buzz on this sometime back but ran out of interest until you popped that little idea into my head.  The GPS sync shouldn't be too out of reach though....my handheld GPS allows me to connect text notes to locations.
    Adam Bloom's suggestions
        From:       Adam Bloom <adambloom@yahoo.com>;
        Subject:     GPS service you mentioned
        Date:     January 18, 2005 6:23:09 AM GMT+00:00
        To:       Adam Curry <adamcurry@mac.com>;
        Cc:       Ron Bloom <ron@ronbloom.com>;
        On DSC-2005-01-17, you mentioned an idea linking GPS to podcasting.  there's something called
        "geofencing" services../I think it's what you are looking for.  example scenario:  you walk with
        your GPS/Cell/PDA across this "virtual fence" and your mobile unit notifies a server...then the
        server can email you a notification with a link or whatever.  some more info on solutions in this
        area...esri actually has posted some sample code for how you access their network to do something
        like this.
    podcast paul promo
Podsafe Music
    From:       Adam Christianson <maccast@gmail.com>;
    Subject:     New Canadian Artist receiving good feedback after playing on my Podcast
    Date:     January 18, 2005 8:11:24 AM GMT+00:00
    To:       Adam Curry <adam@curry.com>;
    Reply-To:       Adam Christianson <maccast@gmail.com>;
    In trying to promote new artists in Podcasting I recently played music
    from one of the listeners to my Podcast, The MacCast
    (http://www.maccast.com), and I am getting great resonse to his stuff.
    A couple of listeners are buying his CDs. Anyway if you want to check
    out Jim Bryson, http://www.jimbryson.org and listen to his stuff. It
    has got a country feel and I think it's good. Anyway he may be another
    musicain we may want to add to the Podcaster network. Keep up the
    great work on your show. I listen to each one.
    Adam Christianson
    The MacCast
Robert Burke Warren
2:04:19 PM    

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