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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

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Initial thoughts for OSCOM keynote

OSCOM stands for Open Source Content Management.

I think open source is to programming as pro bono work is to lawyers. Programmers are by their nature generous beings. But we also have mortgages, need health insurance, have kids who want to go to Harvard, and occasionally want to take a vacation (I know that's unreasonable).

It's so easy to paint everyone as pro or con, good or evil, but that's not how it works. In the end the challenge is to work together, to build on each others' work; not to erase someone's work because they don't measure up somehow against your idea of perfection.

I accepted the keynote offer because I wanted to see if we could get some work done. I'd like to open a discussion about that. Should we find a common module that we could implement across all CMSes, whether they be commercial or open source? I know I'd love to see a Yahoo-like OPML browser in all CMS's. We already have one in Manila and in Radio.

I think it would be far more satisfying to come out of this conference with a real accomplishment that we can point to. I did a similar thing at JabberCon a couple of years ago when we put our heads together and figured out what the intersection of XML-RPC and Jabber looked like. It had been a long-standing question. We were able to figure it out in one hour. I'm good at leading these kinds of discussions. That's what I hope to do in May.

If you have ideas for the discussion, whether or not you're attending, please add them to the comment section on this post. Thanks.

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