Wednesday, July 13, 2005

> Matthew Vosburgh: Google Video searches a rapidly growing database of network TV shows and uploaded material. We show text and picture info for everything, which is great when you want to know how often they mention cereal or Superman on Seinfeld, for instance. For some material, you can also play the actual video. That’s how I know that this guy Eric has a cool cat. Because lots of people have asked for a way to just find the results with playable video, I’ve added two radio buttons below the search box on Google Video. To get the stuff you can actually play, click on “playable video” before you search.
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> Roland Tanglao: Susan Kitchens is live-blogging the development of the atomic bomb, time-shifted by 60 years. The title comes from Scott Hanson. The Manila Illuminati live :-) ! Go Susan go!
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