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 samedi 17 avril 2004

My Weblog has moved here.

The new RSS feed is here.

 lundi 22 mars 2004

Loïc : "Six Apart et Ublog SA signent un accord exclusif de représentation en Europe", "Six Apart and Ublog SA sign an exclusive representation agreement in Europe". We are all very excited!

O'ReillyNet: Panther, Python, and CoreGraphics. "[...] as the contents of /usr/libexec/fax/ show, Panther itself uses Python and CoreGraphics to handle incoming faxes and to generate cover sheets for outgoing faxes. (And it cleverly generates cover sheets by formatting the pages as HTML, then using CoreGraphics to re-render the HTML to PDF format.)"

 lundi 8 mars 2004

This week-end i was at Honfleur, Normandy. We went by Deauville, Trouville and Cabourg.

Le port de Honfleur

Le marché de Honfleur

Le marché de Honfleur, fruits et légumes...

Les Maisons Satie - Honfleur


 vendredi 5 mars 2004

Au sujet de la LEN... Dites-moi que c'est une blague ce message ?

 mardi 2 mars 2004

If you were President of Marketing at Apple Computer, and you decided to launch a big marketing campaign to let the world know that Apple has entered a new era with MacosX, what would you do ? The campaign goal should be to take rid of all the old clichés of Macs (compatibility with PCs, price and so on...)


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