Permalink Tuesday, January 29, 2002
If you're like me then you'll never remember where all your uploaded pictures are as they're stored in the www/images folder by date of upload. What date did I upload that picture? No idea. So I thought we could use a picture gallery.

Download this script:

Open it using Radio and it'll import into your workspace table to create a new script called addPicturesToList.

Click on the run button and it'll set itself up (hopefully!). I've not tried it on anyone else's copy of Radio, only mine.

Then, next time you upload a picture, try it now, drag one into your upstream folder, a new picture gallery file will be created. It'll be here:

Nothing clever, just a table of thumbnails for each of your pictures. You can be more creative than I was and format this gallery page however you like, though in this rough proof-of-concept version you'll have to tackle with the script code itself. Maybe a good learning opportunity in itself!

I hope you get it working. Let me know if not.