Permalink Sunday, March 2, 2003
Mobile weblogs go multimedia
It makes sense that mobile weblogs should take advantage of the current crop of phone technologies to enrich posts. They started with plain text. Then text plus pictures and now text plus video! The Nokia 7650 is not only a great phone but thanks to the amazing (and free) t-mobile video application it's also a video recorder. Sure, the videos are small, but who can remember the very first Quicktime video clips, not that much bigger than a postage stamp on screen, but how amazed were we? Truly breakthrough technology and look what Quicktime has developed into. Videos recorded on phones will get better and better in very short time.

I also predict that mobile weblogs will soon fade, at least in name, as weblogs in general become enhanced by all the technologies available for posting. Soon it'll make no more sense having a mobile weblog than it would be to call your regular weblog a stationary blog. You'll just have a weblog and how you post to it, and what you post to it, will depend upon where you are, what you're doing and what you want to say.

So I've made my first mobile video post. In days others will join in and very soon a new medium for personal expression will evolve. If the true value of weblogs is freedom of expression then come one, come all. In no time at all we'll look back and ask what all the fuss was about.

Note to eager m-bloggers: the assetManager tool now handles multimedia. An updated version will be available for you to download in a few days.