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The trailBlazer tool allows you to create an publish your own RSS feeds independent of those created by writing your weblog.

Download a copy here:


Put it in the tools folder inside your Radio UserLand application folder. You access the tool's features here:


  1. This is an alpha tool, that is, it's very new and still in need of much development. As such I can't take responsibility if your expectations are not met by this early version of the tool. But with your comments we can make it work!
  2. At present you can create a new RSS feed and publish it for other. You can't yet edit a feed.
  3. The RSS feed created by this tool is RSS v0.91

Development Roadmap

Planned features include:

  1. Being able to edit a feed!
  2. Importing an RSS feed from elsewhere and being able to incorporate items into your own feeds.
  3. Supporting newer versions of RSS

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