Sony Ericsson P900 vs Nokia 7650 Picture Quality Test

Comparison of built-in cameras. The Nokia only takes pictures at 640x480 pixels so only 3 images are shown using each of the quality settings. The P900 has 3 quality settings and 3 pixel sizes so all 9 images are shown.

And yes, I know the large images over-run the CSS-based style sheet for this page. If anyone has any tips on fixing this then I'd be grateful!

Sony Ericsson P900 Nokia 7650
640x480 High quality 82,800 bytes 640x480 High quality 27,781 bytes
640x480 Medium quality 46,711 bytes 640x480 Normal quality 27,275 bytes
640x480 Low quality 34,685 bytes 640x480 Basic quality 16,050 bytes
320x240 High quality 25,029 bytes
320x240 Medium quality 14,587 bytes
320x240 Low quality 11,241 bytes
160x120 High quality 8,630 bytes
160x120 Medium quality 5,371 bytes
160x120 Low quality 4,258 bytes

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