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Wednesday, December 31, 1969 
 It's been interesting to follow the recent debate and online wrestling going on over syndication formats. I lack the technical acumen to comment on the merits and shortcomings of RSS and Echo/Atom, and know if it is possible that they could come together as a single format. What I do know is that Dave took a major step forward in trying to build a bridge. He's probably still going to get slammed by some people, and in doing so they'll reveal that their issue is not RSS but Dave himself.

Regarding Brent Simmons being a former Userland employee, as far as I'm concerned he's perfect for the RSS advisory board. He's a small developer who can keep small developer's interests in mind. I'd hate to see him have to try to support a plethora of new syndication formats in his excellent NetNewsWire application, and issues that he faces will be shared by similar developers. There have been frequent comments regarding fear of the BigCo's. Well, if this gets too splintered or complicated, only the BigCo's will be able to support them all. KISS. (Keep It Simple Syndication).

Bottom line: I've been using Userland products for 7 or 8 years now, and they've never let me down. Every time Dave's taken down a new path, I've witnessed doubt and criticism, but he's never done wrong by me. Sometimes it seems he's figured out what I needed before I even knew that I needed it. Same for Brent in his roles at Userland and on his own. Over and out!

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