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Monday, February 4, 2002 
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If you are a Guitar God wannabe you probably are curious about how other GG's set up their rigs. Here's Guitar Geek with the answers.

According to Beast the band Limp Bizkit held a "Nationwide Guitar Audition" to find a new replacement guitarist, and he say's they proceeded to rip off the original, uncopyrighted tryouts from hundreds of guitarists.

iSay - Sounds like Beast is pissed and a bit paranoid. From reading his account I would guess that instead of setting out to rip off other musicians what you have here is a poorly organized, mis-managed event that got whacked by Murphy's Laws and of course lawyers who get paid to protect the record labels from every possibility imaginable. More to the point I think is how this badly handled event made people feel disrespected and dehumanized. The band Limp Bizkit will take the PR mess on the chin and the record lable will skate free because if the band complains the lable can always pull out another band that's waiting in the wings for their turn on the gravy train.

The Recording Company MO: "I'm very busy and important. It's nothing personal, it's just business ya know." The record lable does everything possible to make an unsigned musician think it is big and mighty because it holds the keys to distribute the music and the musician is a small and mostly insignificant part. They have the system set up to work on musicians insecurities and desire for a career.

Free Advice: Do not ever sign any document without fully understanding it and agreeing with it 100%. Get your own advisors, ask lots of questions, make yourself a plan. Do your own recording and distribution.

Update: There's a bunch of people on just ripping Limp Bizkit apart. In particular somebody named Fred. Woah!

And from someone who accepts the recording companies bullshit:

02-03-02 10:38:40 PM Grizzlyjohnson I was at the SLC Guitar Center when this went down. The manager is a friend of mine so I watched some of the auditions on the closed circuit cameras from the back. I'm a tad put it nicely...and slow to audition for Bizkit (if it was BB King or Jimmy Buffett I'd be there!). The person running the auditions was a record company exec, the band members never even put in an appearance until the jam later. All I can say to the person who wrote this diatribe, though, is welcome to the music business. Contracts like that from record companies are exactly what you can expect for your entire career. The kind of pressure that you're under in a one minute audition is exactly what it's going to be like, if you can't hack that, you're not ready. Sounds harsh but simply put it's the truth. They got no time for prima donnas and whiners, you don't wanna get with the program, they'll find someone else. There are truly VERY few real artists out there are aren't expendable. Wes Borland wasn't. Let me also put your mind at rest about the contract. That's pro forma record company bullsh*t. They have no interest whatsoever in 150 mediocre one minute solos from amateur guitar players. They're not even going to keep those tapes, and I doubt that anyone in the band even ever heard more than six or eight of them. Further, I'd be willing to bet that Bizkit will not end up recruiting anyone from any of those auditions. That was a promotional tour, and nothing more. A chance for fans to show how much they love their Bizkit. If that had been for real they wouldn't have done it like that.

iSay - It's to bad this fellow hasen't thought a bit deeper about the music business. Good luck.
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Web Services "hello" Test

Hello Dave!
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Patriots Super Bowl Champs

The Underdogs Have Their Day

Adam Vinatieri's last-second 48-yard field goal gave the Patriots a 20-17 stunning victory over the favored St. Louis Rams last night, sealing one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history and completing one of the all-time worst-to-first stories.

New England has it's first pro sports title in 16 years! Wow, this is so sweet. After all the heart-breaks betwen this region and pro sports over the last 30 years since I moved here this is like a fine wine. That first surprise as the taste hits your mouth, then immediately the aroma fills your nose, and then the sensation of the swallow with all the after effects. It is way good.

This year my friend Linda cajoled me into joining her watching the Patriots after I expressed my reluctance about "wasting my time" on pro sports. This year has been the most memorable as together we watched the Patriots coalesce, navigate the obstacle course of pro team sports and learn how to become the team that could. The Patriots deserve every bit of the success and respect they now have. They fought together for it inch by inch.



Vic Carucci on says "That was the greatest Super Bowl of them all."


Yahoo Sports
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