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  Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Rent vs. Buy...

One of my good friends has decided to march down the aisle again. I suggested that he rent and not buy. Clearly a sexist thought, but then again, the notion of serial monogamy has never been high on my list of important things. His response has been that he's in love. My thoughts would suggest that he's in lust!

Years ago when I was doing family law work because it helped pay our young law firm's bills, I concluded that the true licensing event should be to determine who should be able to have children. Getting a married on the other hand and getting divorced could be done by postcard.

But then again, that would be somehow contrary to the well advertised American dream.

4:29:01 PM    

  Thursday, August 08, 2002

The ActiveWords Odyssey, at what sometimes seems like one user at a time.

It is hot and miserable here in Florida, but unlike winter back where I grew up in Minnesota, this will end.

Today, I traded some E-Mail with Jon Udell. Jon's a very bright guy who writes for Infoworld . Typically, I will ping people, hope they try out stuff, and pray that I get a chance to show them the power of our ideas using . But today, Jon wrote this great piece about ActiveWords , before I could get to him.

What a great moment in our Odyssey.

As I have told my friends, having ActiveWords be a success would be huge, and combining that with the great people I have met, it's like winning the lottery.


3:47:19 PM    

  Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Is that the place to be....

I just got a note from Jon Parker asking the question of the ages...

"So I am turning the big 5-0 the weekend of Pop Tech...

 Is that the place to be?"

Of course, big guy, 500 of your new best friends will sing happy birthday to you in the Camden Opera House.

9:54:34 PM    

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