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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Moving to WordPress

I have decided to move my Fluid Flow weblog to a new location and in the process change my base software from Radio UserLand to WordPress. The primary reason for the change is that Radio isn't changing. After five years, it is still the same products with the same glitches. While I am comfortable with Radio and its underlying scripting language and database, its time to learn some new things. WordPress with its PHP and mySQL underpinnings seems like a good place to start.

The new URL for Fluid Flow is http://fluidflow.es-designs.com. I have migrated all of my radio content to the new site. The only thing that is missing at this point are the various comments that have been made. I will try to add them back, but won't make any promises. I am also going to be working on the design and making Fluid Flow a more attractive site.

I will keep this site for as long as UserLand lets me, I don't know if it will disappear if I don't renew my Radio license. But it will probably be here for at least another year.

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