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daily link  Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Receive email from time to time along lines of 'are you still alive?'

Yes - and it's kind of many to ask, as well as send along ideas. I'm still thinking about an awesome email I received on the subject of knowledge management in the domain of peer journals. More relevant than one might think ...


Still digging Frontier/Radio of course. Tinderbox too, but that isn't a conflict. Thinking more-or-less every day about next steps.

Now keep in mind that I'm doing full-time Christian ministry to a church that has doubled in the past year (yeah, from 40 to 80 but then I freak out easy); being a father of five (two grown, daughter in college and two at home); teaching a high-school course plus sharing home-schooling of my 12-year old son and having a wife who is a certified nurse-midwife. This keeps me just a bit busy. And golf. That's finished here in Spokane, alas.

More pertinent, I am not sure whether I want to write about Radio or do Radio.

My oldest sons (Josh and James) have a cool and growingly successful band in Austin, TX. They're on their first, somewhat bizarre road trip as I write. That's another story. Anyway, Josh is mastering Frontier for other reasons (consulting) but we're talking about doing a serious weblog to cover the band, the music scene in Austin, music industry (esp. on Net) and do some community/fan-building of course. The idea is that Josh will do design and I'll do editing (some writing) and nudge the community along.

Here ends the story of my summer vacation.

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