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How To Work Offline

Sometimes, you may want to take Radio entirely local - postponing all publishing of posts or stories. You may think that the way to do this is by selecting "Work Offline" from the menu options available from the Radio icon in your status bar.


Actually, what you want to do in that case is turn upstreaming off, not work offline.

Why then would you ever want to select the "Work Offline" option?

Probably, you will not want to do this until or if you have a deep understanding of the underlying Radio desktop application and, especially the difference between upstreaming and working offline.

(Consult 'What is the Difference Between Upstreaming and Working Offline?' for help.)

If you are still convinced that you want to work offline or - like me - you want to experiment and click stuff to see whether smoke starts coming out of your personal computer - then right-click the Radio icon in the Windows status bar and select "Work Offline".

(A checkmark will appear next to that option).

To work online again, do the same thing. Right-click the Radio icon in the Windows status bar and select "Work Offline".

(The commands works like an 'on-off' toggle switch. The checkmark is either 'on' meaning that you are offline or invisible, meaning you are now online again).

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

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