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Learning HTML

Just keep in mind you don't have to know any HTML to use Radio successfully and happily for the next hundred years or so, okay? 

These links should sate your foolish HTML source code curiosities.

Getting Started With HTML

The thirty-minute introduction from Dave Raggett. Invest another thirty minutes for his  'Advanced HTML' (which isn't advanced, happily). Thanks to Joe Jenett for this suggestion. Highly recommended.

The WebMonkey HTML Cheatsheet

Doesn't the title say it all? Other cheat sheets (color codes and such) are also available from this page.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

Another cheatsheet. Is there a pattern here? This one contains more elements than WebMonkey with notation for those added in HTML 4.0.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML

The National Center for Supercomputing Application's online book. You can handle it.

The Basics

HTML Goodies offers a more get-down introduction. Entertaining and useful.

Index Dot HTML - Intermediate to Advanced

I find the design almost terminally maddening, but the information is superb. Be patient. Dig. (Thanks to Michael Zajac for this one).

Interaction Design Patterns

No, not for beginners. Not even about learning HTML but more design-oriented. A sign that I will have to split this topic soon. Oh well. (Thanks to Dave Winer for this one).

Kathy Henning on Good Writing

An archive of her columns; several focus on the Web. Her own website is an excellent resource. Why waste time coding HTML if your writing su**ks?

Dynamic HTML Resource

On second thought .... never mind.

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