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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Make those long URLs Tiny!

What a cool tool for making those really long URL's readable and shareable! You have got to check out this site--

Still not sure how TinyURL can help you? Here's an example from the TinyURL web site that makes it clear what TinyURL does:

Turn this URL: data=afbX8DbyAoesP8oMVXE9yH15Yqfri%252f0FnbmKKpfMbrjLn0o8BLJ 1%252bTQRc5bB8ZoqtlOeDdZwlJtHLgfMIVHUWlmPWw8uDAvn6M%252bkyj2 OhU7lZS%252fzgR6gc6Gc6UR0nFUKiKZ%252fUA1FA7i4GoxVbNUmI3sVoXm LsVCjdi1tcAxjLEEXFdAvuJU%252bwjYfFeWO15n%252fiFsgXNxKDxWULBF tyxoa65AuWb0a5SU%252ftWdT4P7e8CtC9acf37axZa%252fI2MWC7g54TPL 6YB%252bwcKdZuh60N%252fb83BrfUSLSD%252ffK1nJ16Ma8D%252fc%253 d&click=center

into this tinyURL:

Which one would you rather cut and paste into your browser? That's the power of TinyURL!

There is a link on the page that you can drag into your toolbar to create a TinyURL tool in your browser toolbar for converting those long URL's on the fly. Use it the next time you want to send a long URL to someone by email and be confident the URL won't break.

Way cool!

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