Thursday, January 11, 2007
Chris Johnson kicked off the 2007 Brown Bag Lunch Series

Chris Johnson We were honoured to have Chris Johnson give our first LFS Brown Bag lunch series talk this year. Chris gave a talk entitled "The 21st Century Learner in Your Classroom".

His talk revealed traits of the 'average' 21st Century Learner. The emphasis was on K-12 students but our enthusiastic audience found many transferable points. Of note were his accounts of the student who types using the old hunt and peck - but with his thumbs. Also interesting was the student who texts at 160 'wrdz' per minute.

Chris spoke about those moments in our jobs where we push ourselves to do new things and compared them to a baby's first steps. "A tentative first step... the realization that we are still standing... a more ambitious second step... a tumble accompanied by an 'uh-oh' and then back up again for more!"

The audience loved Chris' presentation! Stay tuned for the web archive.

Thanks Chris!

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