Sunday, April 8, 2007
Micropresence applications

Like many, I have been playing with Twitter to update every last mundane detail of my life and post it for the world to see. Twitter seems to be the current leader but I use Facebook for microupdates (and other things). Two other applications include Jaiku and Plazes. Jaiku seems to be able to 'sense' my current mood based on the settings of my 'smartphone' (e61). Plazes goes one further and detects where I am based on my IP address and shares it with the world in an RSS feed.

When I was younger (a lot younger) I spent some time wondering how interesting an archive of my life (or any life) would be. Fueled by Warhol visions, I decided that the result was probably not worth the effort. :)

Things feel different now. Plazes seems to be the perfect 'low cost' application to start to share TMI. Mix with iTunes usage stats and throw in Twitter tweets and then you know more about my habits than I do. Auto generated metadata has a certain allure.

I will continue to play - in the interim, cringe when you see what I am up to. And we can all hope we figure out good ways to filter :)

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