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Friday, January 25, 2002
Wish you could have this?

Then get this. 11:09:01 PM | reply []

Steve Zellers writes about old Mac debuggers. It was pretty funny when I went to WWDC, you could spot Jasik running on someone's PowerBook from a mile around. The one piece of software I remember being amazed at someone using Jasik on was Lotus Notes.

I never used TMON, I was happy with source-level debugging (LightsBug ruled!) at that point. But I remember reading at some point about some people who worked on TMON... made an interesting story, but I have now forgotten.

And now we have gdb. I'm not sure this is an improvement. Quinn's "GDB for MacsBug users" was a pretty good read, though. I love the way people at Apple's shell prompts give away who wrote the documentation. 7:22:14 AM | reply []

ICeCoffEE 1.0a6 is released. If anyone's reading this and has OS X, please download, test and send me email if it works or doesn't. Especially test the installer, as it's has a lot of work done to it recently.

Sleep. 6:58:02 AM | reply []

Delete LFS cruft from xnu: Looks like the FreeBSD 4.4 to Darwin merge is going to include FreeBSD's FFS (is UFS the same as FFS?). Cool.

I still wish that HFS+ could be modernized so we could get journaling and metadata, but that doesn't seem the way things are going. 12:03:59 AM | reply []

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