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daily link  Thursday, December 3, 1998

It never fails with me. I travel and then I get sick.

I've been laid up the last couple of days with kind of sinus flu bug. Been able to play some video games, but not to get a lot of work done. Even small things like going to the store have exhausted me.

I'm back at work this morning, but I'm already tired from just driving in so I may have not made the best decision in coming in at all.

MacWEEK reports that there is a Mac OS 8.5.1 update coming out in December that fixes a bunch of bugs in Mac OS 8.5.

The reports of Bill Gates' testimony in the Java case mirror the experience that the Justice Department had with him in the anit-trust lawsuit. He is openly hostile at times, and can't seem to remember much about anything or to confirm the meanings of simple colloquial phrases.(Mercury News report ). Some genius.

Well I have to try and get some work done before I pass out.  12:00:00 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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