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daily link  Tuesday, November 30, 1999

PayPal.com offers an interesting micropayment service between friends, co-workers etc that is email based and also hooks up to your Palm OS Device. This would really come in handy when it's time to split up those lunch tabs.

Manila Update: Server now has 7 sites running on it. No performance complaints at all.

I'm not digging the new Industry Standard redesign. It looks to me like it was done by committee, and I think it lacks cohesiveness. The other design fit the personality of the magazine and site content better IMHO.

The little guy wins? Am I in the right place? I thought the big corporations and their fancy lawyers always won these sorts of cases. Will wonders never cease?

I've started a Manila based log site that will be aimed at people interested in Gadget technology named GadgetLand . it's the first public Manila site that I have worked on. I expect the template to change quite a bit as time allows me to customize it.

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