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daily link  Wednesday, May 10, 2000

My youngest brother, David, is attending Hobart College, and is on their lacrosse team. They made the NCAA Division I tournament and will be playing Duke this weekend in their first round matchup. I'm traveling up to upstate New York to see the game and spend some time with my family. Go Hobart! 2:14:51 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Apparently, the Internet can improve relations with family and friends, which is pretty far from the study that said it created isolation. There's a happy medium to anything you do. 12:50:02 PM  permalink  discuss []  

I went and played Walleyball with a group of people from work and some others last night. For those not familiar with the sport in question, it is essentially Volleyball in a Racquetball court where you can play off the walls. It was a really fun time, and a nice change of pace from my normal cardio and weights workout. Strangely, I couldn't find many references to Walleyball on the Web beyond purchasing equipment and various places that have the setup to play. 11:38:24 AM  permalink  discuss []  

I just discovered that Aimee Mann is playing in Atlanta in June. Our lucky San Francisco friends get to see her this week. 11:02:14 AM  permalink  discuss []  

Strangely, when I log onto Napster now, there are still plenty of Metallica songs up there. 10:58:35 AM  permalink  discuss []  

File under "not surprising to me", my color is Black. 10:54:30 AM  permalink  discuss []  

Some great Web, dreamweaver, and development tutorials on this site10:20:42 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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