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19 July 2004

35 Degrees of Japan '35 degrees is a snapshot of our life in Japan. This is one weird and magical place. ' [via Plep]
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Proving that Robert Capa's "Falling Soldier" is Genuine [PBS]
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Yak Shaving [Dichotomy's Purgatory]
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Symbol signs The complete set of 50 passenger/pedestrian symbols developed by AIGA is now available on the web, free of charge." [Jeffrey Veen]
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Competent Classing  [Thoughts From Eric]
CSS is even more flexible than I thought.
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Gay marriage compared to box-turtle marriage in Senate, Daily Show replies. Jon Stewart's Daily Show segment on this statement is nothing short of brilliant. Let's hope it gets enough airplay to cost Cornyn the election (and possibly get him institutionalized somewhere...). Realplayer link [Boing Boing < Vertical Hold]
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Men Throwing Fireworks Leave Window Up [meyerweb's Distractions]
Another piece of news from Planet Idiot.
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The best collection of web design links, ever [del.icio.us/tag/design]

Update: For example, the Web Standards Awards site links to a shedload of great looking standards compliant sites, like Rapha, a beautifully designed cycling clothing retail site with some great photography.
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