Tuesday, October 08, 2002


I'm reading Gibson... again.  This time his last three books - in reverse order for no real reason.  I just happen to pick up a copy of All Tommorrow's about a month ago and then read a couple of reviews mentioning the connection to Idoru and Virtual Light.  So now... I'm reading Idoru.  I'm about 1/2 done.  Gibson is a real easy read. 

"Idoru lacks ambition. Just when Neal Stephenson is reaching out further into the future with The Diamond Age, Gibson pulls back into a closer, blander tomorrow. And loses his lyrical style and plot originality at the same time. Both of which were still strongly evident in Virtual Light. " The Poet Hiccups - a review of William Gibson's Idoru

I'm not sure what lyrical style The Poet is looking for, but I believe the story to be pretty solid so far.  Perhaps, all the hub-bub over the being the "father" (man, I would hate that label if it hung on me) of cyber-punk is just too much for some people to stomach. 

Personally, I can't speak for the reference to Stephenson (i'll add him to THE list though),  but I do lean toward agreeing with this review on WIRED - Gibson's 'blander tomorrow' is really today reflecting back...

Gibson claims he does not write about the future. His novels, he maintains, are reflections of the present.

Check out the words of Gibson himself (if you're interested), in this Salon article.  It offers some insight into Idoru as well.

I wonder... am I enjoying these stories because I'm reading them in reverse order written?  Maybe that's the key... or maybe, I just simply like Gibson's 'bland' style.

Next up... Virtual Light.  After that my wife's got a vote in for Timeline by Chrichton.  She's neck deep in quantum theory as spun by one of mainstream fiction's masters.  I love it.


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