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Security Weblogs

Security Weblogs

When I started blogging, I spent quite some time looking for weblogs covering security. There were none. Since then the situation has improved, but still the results for security weblogs search are not particularly encouraging and this is a small thing that may help improve this.

What qualifies as a security weblog for the purposes of this list? The site is a primarily web based (ie not a mailing list archive), it is a weblog and it covers security on regular basis. Obviously this means there are hundereds of websites and mailing lists devoted to security that are missing here, but wasn't not my intention be a the ultimate directory of security resources.

  • @CyberForge (R.I.P)
  • Abner Stories
  • Bowulf Infosec
  • blogattic
  • disLEXia
  • coxesroot
  • Digital Identity World
  • E2K Security
  • Geonexus
  • infosec news (aggregator)
  • joatblog
  • Jamie Lewis
  • Lasipalatsi
  • Liudvikas Bukys
  • kill-hup
  • netsec
  • NWFusion Security Notes
  • Plan B: Secure by Default
  • Randy Bias
  • rootprompt
  • SilverStr's blog
  • Scott Loftesness
  • SourceID
  • Security Blog
  • TaoSecurity
  • Troy Jessup Security Blog 
  • Mark O'Neill


    If you are not on the list and want to be be added, let me know.

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