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"also here by the magic of RSS  Jonathan Marks"

Back to ya Jonathan.  Hope life is treating you well!

The way Eric and Jonathan just commented back to me is interesting. Would they have commented back if I would have shouted out to them in one of my ocassional podcast.  Maybe.

The point is that by mainly marketing and promoting the "radio consumer format" best practice the listener is left the majority of the time investing alot of time to gain the information.  This will even get worst for sure as advertising plays a bigger role in the monetizing of these type of podcasts.

Podcasters need to keep in mind as they invest their efforts this way that time is a valuable commodity that is of a high premium in most of our busy lives.  I don't know about you, but I am finding each day I have less of it to invest in these type of "consumer type" podcasts.  On most days I choose just to listen to my car radio.

This doesn't mean that podcasts don't work.  After all a podcast by definition is just a media file in a RSS enclosure.  It's the intoduction of a new audio podcast "best practice" that needs to be defined.  

A different podcast format needs to be introduced and promoted that really gets to the meat of the information as efficiently as possible.  Right now mainstream podcasting is being marketed and being setup to support a new 2006 spin on the old school advertising consumer radio model.  The so called next generation radio.  No thank you.  I'm not a web consumer.  My friends and I will go where the caster understands that I need time efficient/easy choices and my time is number 1.

OK that's it for now.  Be sure to tune back in as I continue this thread.   Please leave your comments or email me.  It has been sure great hearing from everyone again.  Especially since all the hype about podcasting has finally settled down and we can get back to the business of moving RSIP - REAL SIMPLE INFORMATION PODCASTS forward on the web. 

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