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The Road to RSS 2.0 - formally RSS .94?

Sunday, September 08, 2002


The Road to RSS 2.0 - formally RSS .94?

Spending some time this afternoon reading about how we got to here with RSS and most importantly the future with RSS 2.0.

Of course I am taking all this in with a view toward Audioblogging and other rich media type inclusion.  Questions I already have are:

1) Is there a need for a core audio blogging module/namespace?  Or are core channel item enclosures simple and all we need?

I think enclosures are great.  They allow us to adapt an audio file very easily onto a link.  If we want to add other elements unique to audioblogs that are not included in the RSS channel core, an audio blogging module/namespace may be the way to go.

The audioblogging module/namespace containing new Audioblogging specific elements could also contain some of the core channel elements used in an audioblogging context.  generator, docs, cloud, and ttl are a few elements that may make sense.

Note: This may be the place to put the radio-station style ident ("identifier") recently proposed by Garth.

2) Do we create an audioblogging module/namespace channel element named item that builds on the core channel sub element item?  One enhancement could be the ability to have more than one enclosure per item. 

3) If I put an audio comment in a posting comment  how can RSS modules help the listener to know this? 

4) Looking further down the road, how will Userland extend Radio to implement RSS modules/namespaces?  XML-RPC? MetaWeblog API?  (Not really a RSS 2.0 question)

5) If we do create the audioblogging module/namespace what's the version number?  2.0 to mirrors it's parent?

It been a while since RSS has been liquid and it probably will be some time before we will such great change again.  Discussions, requirements, testing and implementation will soon follow.

More to follow:

Note: Removed all the confusing inheritance language from above questions.  Thanks Garth

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