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What is autoblogging?


Written 9/21/2002

Missed autoblogging moment

Last Friday I wrote "What is audioblogging" and ended the story introducing something I'm calling autoblogging.

Well I'm driving to work this morning getting ready to get on the Turnpike and there it is.  A perfect audioblogging moment.  As I  approach the Turnpike entrance, standing right in front of me is a tractor trailer smothering in one of the south bound lanes.  But I'm one of the lucky ones this morning because it's on the south side and I'm headed north.  It actually helps my situation because it is causing ruber necking south of my exit so north bound traffic past my exit is unusually thin. 

But then it hits me.  Where is my camera?  I usually carry it in the car next to me.  I suddenly realize that I had taken it out of my car to drive my son to hockey practice. 

Man did I miss the opportunity to take some really incredible shots of this smoking hot trailer.  The metal walls on the box were now molting metal.  This thing must of been blazing 10 minutes earlier. 

As I get on the Turnpike and start my travels north I notice the traffic in the south bound lane is backed up for miles with thousands of cars that make the South bound lanes look like the parking lot of a mall at Christmas.

Then I started thinking.  If I only had a audioblogging radio in my car!  What could I have done?  Well the first thing I would have done is sent the picture/video over to my weblog with an audio clip describing the scene.  Also included with the multimedia would have been some GPS data.  This could have been accessed by my family, my employer and of course anyone else that reads my audioblog.

Next I would have bounced the Turnpike community channel server (doesn't exist today - play along - kind of like along with any other traffic community channel server I new of.  This would have directed their aggregators to pick up my RSS data feed.  This information could have been used by Police and other Emergency members as well as an audioblog moderator that monitored the Turnpike traffic and had the abilty to communicate with the traffic news hungry motorists.  They in turn could have blogged what I had covered to clients, employer, family, friends, etc.

As I drove away from the scene I would have tuned into an interactive audioblogging chat channel for the Turnpike and listened and talked to many of the thousands of cars parked on the Turnpike trying to figure out what was going on.  Of course with the ability to call up and send my previous recorded mutimedia data.

Is so hard for me to describe what I saw, but I still see it vividly in my mind.  How great it would have to had it in digital form. 

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