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By Harold Gilchrist


BlogArt? MoArt? What will we call it?


I starting thinking this week about "personal multimedia clip art" and how we will use it, re-use it and share it in the next phase of blogging, blogging 2G.

Just like we don't publish everything we write, we also won't publish everything we shoot with a camera or camcorder or say into a digital voice recorder.  As we move to the next phase of blogging that includes integrating multimedia easily into blogs, the art we publish will be based on the context of the communication, specifically the subject of the post or the story.  This is not to say that the multimedia art we didn't publish today won't get used tomorrow or by someone else in a totally different context in the future.


Lets say you go to a trade show. Your task is to blog the exhibit floor vendor booths with multimedia for others that can't attend from your company. 

The plan is to take written notes, shoot photos and record audio and video as you move about the exhibit hall.  Being from the "lets get it done now generation" you want productive blogging tools.  Your goal is to complete all blogging on the show floor and not take any blogging publishing work back to the hotel room.

Ideally your camera and/or camcorder would send photos and video directly to a file storage area on the net that belongs to you.  No need to put a computer in the middle of the communication to complicate things.  Simplicity.  Click and push. 

Yes, your camera would need to connect to a WIFI/bluetooth or some other wireless network.  You would also like to be able to push all other multimedia objects to that storage area on the net.  You could dictate notes into the digital voice recorder as well as use the voice recorder to interview the vendor reps at their booths.  These tasks could also be done using video.

As you leave each vendor booth you would fire up your blogging publishing tool and drag the best photos, video and/or audio objects into a new post.  You wouldn't want or need to post and publish all of the multimedia objects you just created.

What you didn't post, you would store as BlogArt.  You could use it in the future or share your galleries like desktop applications share clip art galeries today.

The exchange of our personal Media Art Galleries, BlogArt will be a feature we won't be able to blog without.

Next step

I am asking all blog tool publishing vendors to start thinking about features that will give their customers ways to share their BlogArt.  Just as we can share each others posts and links today we will need to able to share our multimedia BlogArt and the ability to subscribe to others multimedia BlogArt galleries.

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