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AudioBlogging Gateway





AudioBlogging Gateway  - "Let Your Voice Be Heard"

The next big step for "My Blog Voice Channel" is for me to tie it into a Gateway, an AudioBlogging Gateway.  One doesn't exist today so I guess I'll have to architect and develop a prototype.  The way I see the AudioBlogging Gateway playing a roll right now is as follows:

POTS -> VoiceXML Gateway -> Internet -> AudioBlogging Gateway -> VACS, HTML, RSS, OPML, etc. -> Internet -> weblog, syndication, audioblogging search engines, etc..

The AudioBlogging Gateway is the conduit between the input (Internet interfaces such as but not limited to the VoiceXML gateway) and the output - Internet structured formats (HTML, VACS, RSS, OPML, etc.).  It will produce, store and Internet host the structured Internet formats used for AudioBlogging listing and syndication.  It's physical network connection on both the input and output is the Internet. 

The AudioBlogging Gateway will also be very closely connected to the store that holds the voice files.

You should be starting to see that "My Blog Voice Channel" (the micro-content that is in the left column of this weblog) is just a presentation layer derived from a backend produced Internet format.  In this case the format is VACS (one of the output formats of the AudioBlogging Gateway ).



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