Saturday, August 17, 2002

I picked up the game Ollo: The Sunny Valley Fair for my 2 year old son today (after having downloaded the demo). Very cool game. Simple story line with lots of puzzle solving combined with loads and loads and loads of interactive games and learning exercises scattered throughout the various scenes. Simple, but very well done, graphics. If you have a youngster around, I would definitely recommend giving the demo a try.

After showing Roger-- my son-- the demo version of Ollo, I knew he really liked the game because he got really upset when we finished the demo chapter and the game quit. He quickly found Ollo on the dock and was slightly happier that Ollo hadn't disappeared forever, but just one chapter wasn't enough. I picked the game up at a CompUSA for $19. Roger went with me. Couldn't find the game in the Mac section, but they had copies in the PC section-- one CD supports both systems. Roger simply repeated "Oh Wow!" over and over when I handed him the box. Heh.
3:08:15 PM