Friday, February 14, 2003

More Bad Journalism

I've spent some time catching up on the stack of unread magazines, and get to the new Wired. I'm currently... [Teal Sunglasses]

Chuqui's post goes on to reference an article on Mitch Kapor's weblog regarding how Wired misrepresented him in an interview regarding his new project and its relationship to Outlook.

That Wired would do such a thing should do such a thing should come as no surprised to anyone. I stopped taking Wired seriously--started to read it in passing in about the same context that I read Mad Magazine or Maxim (i.e. nothing else better to do and the damned thing is in front of me)-- about the time they posted the story about the "web being dead" and that "push technologies" would replace the web as we know it.

Turned out that they were both completely wrong and that the companies they mentioned as being the primary backers of push technologies were all somehow connected to Wired Ventures.

No conflict of interest there...

Coincidentally, that was about the last issue of Wired that I received via subscription.
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