Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Create vs. CREATE

By now, everyone in the Mac community knows that IDG & Apple have decided to call their Summer Mac Love-In in New York CREATE.

But, hey, wait a minute... Create (the name) is already taken. Furthermore, it is taken by a product/company that was-- I believe-- the very first commercial product available for the pure OS X platform.

From the press release:

CREATE is an event for filmmakers, directors, graphic designers, broadcast journalists, publishers, musicians, music executives, producers and others driven by a desire to learn the latest creative techniques and to exchange new ideas with their peers

Take out the filmmakers, musicians, and music executives part of that statement, Create (the product) is aimed at exactly the same market and Stone Design has invested lots of effort into building a community around their products specifically to promote the sharing of new ideas (most recently, in the form of weblog.

Create has been active in the marketplace (and a trademarked product name owned by Stone Design) since 1990 and Andrew Stone has been totally committed to the OS X platform since before it even shipped!

You would think IDG would have been polite enough to have contacted Andrew or offered him some stage time or something.... but, apparently not!
8:00:00 PM