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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Along the march route there was evidence of the death of at least one pacifi(st)er.
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A good meal is essential for one's image. Must keep up your strength while the bombs are dropping a world away.
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Must have passed these Englishmen at Tea Time. War and Anti-War is important, but Tea Time is supreme.
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My favorite slogan of the march was actually to to me yesterday:

Bombing for Peace
is like
Fucking for Virginity.

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Cops were not as stupid as they were during the February rally. Some of them actually seemed to be enjoying themselves. But still does this lineup of cops make you feel warm and fuzzy? or even safe?
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Some people thought that Bush Daddy should be taking a stronger lead in the disciplining of George II.
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Someone's view of the Republican energy cycle.
Republican energy cycle
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