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Beautiful! It all works now.

For all those listening in, this is how it's done:

Wrote my list using Radio's outliner (File | New, Write your Outline, Add links using HTML | Add Link) and saved it to the gems folder as "interests.opml"

Make sure you add a render directive as the first line of your outline file (#renderOutlineWith "interestListRenderer"). I created a renderer called "interestListRenderer" (how's that for creative), so that's what I used.

You also need to install the renderDesktopFile macro. Simply save it to disk and open it from within the Radio application.

Finally, edit the Home Page Template in Radio and include this code wherever you want your outline to show up. I placed it below the table where the calendar is rendered.

You might want to do a "save target as..." when checking that code as it is somehow displaying my coffee cup image instead.

The first part simply calls the renderDesktopFile macro with the path to your local copy of interests.opml (please adjust for your particular situation).

The second part places an image of my OPML Coffee Cup with a link that will allow people to click on it and subscribe to your OPML list of interests (please adjust for your particular situation). Please note that this is not working right now and might not work ever. It uses code I lifted from an example written by Dave Winer.

Now go, post something and publish. Check to see if everything is where it should be.


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