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myRadio: Advanced Aggregation for Radio Userland



wedgethe myRadio aggregation framework for Radio Userland, another iteration towards Information Nirvana. Thanks for checking it out!
wedgeThis Tool extends the Radio Userland aggregator from rss to any networked data (xml, html, soap, personalized services, etc), and any layout. It is exceedingly simple for developers to add functionality to the framework. The GUI (screenshot) is reminiscent of My Yahoo! and other server based personalization tools.
wedge The goal of this project is to very quickly bring all the functionality of server based personalization to the client, then use the client based architecture to develop way beyond!
wedgeFollow the latest developments at Brain Off
wedgeNEW! - Aggregate and publish dynamic, customized web services, with myRadio nuggets
wedgeQuick Instructions
wedgeInstall the tool in the usual way : download the .root files below to your Radio Userland Tool directory and restart Radio. The tool, once installed, is at
wedgeAdd multiple pages by clicking Add/Delete Pages, add modules with Add Content, and layout with Change Layout. Once a module is added, you can configure it by clicking Edit in the title bar for that module.
wedgeRegister myRadio at You'll automatically receive updates to myRadio!
wedgeDevelopers, look at the MyRadio subtable in each module tool for an example of plugging into the framework.
wedgeHere are some short instructions for configuring categorized News Aggregation.
wedgeThe framework is available at myRadio.root
wedgemodules included in myRadio.root
wedgeNews Aggregator : categorize your RSS subscriptions to multiple views, and in Traditional or Outline styles
wedgeToday's Front Pages : view front pages from 192 Global Newspapers; courtesy
wedgeQuotes : customized stock quotes, updated every 15 minutes
wedgeWeather : current temperature in US locations
wedgeFedex : track packages
wedgeEbay : follow the current bid on your auctions
wedgemore modules
wedgeDownload and install these modules in Radio Userland/Tools
wedgeYGroups.root : seamlessly integate your Yahoo Egroups
wedgeZoe.root : integrates Zoe, "Google for your email"
wedgeThese modules are now included directly in myRadio.root
wedgeWeather.root : weather courtesy xmethods web services
wedgeQuotes.root : stock quotes courtesy xmethods web services
wedge2002/08/23; 8:23 pm Delete nows works for myRadioSuite.newsViews.userlandView
wedge2002/10/08; 12:00 pm Added callbacks for (un)subscribeServive - rebuilds UNSORTED feeds
wedge2002/10/15; 10:32 am Registration and Update working
wedge2002/10/15; 12:15 pm Beta release of activeRendererView for news aggregator; Drop down menu;
wedge2002/10/20; 12:00 pm handle RSS redirects in myRadio news settings
wedge2002/10/21; 11:30 am Added newsViews.cleanup; Radio modifies for redirects
wedge2002/10/24; 4:22 pm save MyRadioData.root after modifications
wedge2002/10/28; 4:49 pm Initial checkin for javascript component updates; not enabled yet
wedge2002/10/30; 12:00pm New preferences page; Auto-update enable/disable
wedge2002/11/04; 8:06 am Only one button for submitting newsViews edit
wedge2002/11/06; 7:23:44 PM 2nd Beta release of activeRendererView; not based on outline anymore
wedge2002/12/02; 17:34:44 PM myRadio nuggets; framework for webservice modules; beginnings of screen scraping toolkit; quotes,ebay,weather,fedex modules
wedge2002/12/07; 09:30:00 AM added help link to navbar
wedge2003/02/11; 9:33 AM enabled publishing of mySubscriptionsMyRadio
wedge2003/02/13; 9:00 AM Newseum Today's Front Pages module
wedge2003/18/12/; 6:00 PM Live Topics Beta (commented out); activeRenderer View enabled
wedgeAll development notes are here
wedgeIf you have any comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc, please email mikel_maron [at] yahoo [dot] com
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