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RCS Aggregator Cache



wedgeWhat is the RCS Aggregator Cache?
wedgeWith this tool, the Radio Community Server can act as a RSS Cache for Radio Userland Aggregators.
wedgeThe RCS is able to gather the most popular RSS feeds on behalf of an entire community of Radio Userland Users. The Users Aggregators request those feeds from the RCS, rather than directly from the source.
wedgeContent providers should receive significantly less requests of RSS feeds, resulting in less drain of bandwith and server resources.
wedgeAt present, this problem isn't significant, but as the usage of Aggregation greatly increases, some steps will need to be taken to preserve an efficient architecture
wedgeThis is a fully functional experiment for the Radio Userland platform. This functionality can be duplicated in other implementations.
wedgePlease send any comments, suggestions, bug reports to mikel_maron@yahoo.com. Have fun!
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