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2002/08/06: Moving this blog

2002/08/05: The limits of transparency

2002/08/03: Ray Ozzie's blog

2002/08/03: Welcome to Lee Felsenstein

2002/08/02: The road to managed code

2002/08/02: Flash Communication Server MX

2002/08/02: More on translucent databases

2002/08/02: Changing Radio upstream locations: bug and workaround

2002/08/02: Homeland Insecurity

2002/07/30: RSS in the dog days of summer

2002/07/29: Google index synchronization

2002/07/29: MT-RefSearch, and client- vs server-side scripting

2002/07/27: What do you want to know today?

2002/07/26: Website change tracking

2002/07/26: Mud-wrestling with teenagers

2002/07/25: Owning your words

2002/07/24: Tim O'Reilly's role in Amazon's web services

2002/07/24: RCS low numbers

2002/07/23: Knowledge workers, information workers

2002/07/23: OASIS and WS-Security

2002/07/23: Flash Communication Server

2002/07/22: Main Street is a link exchange

2002/07/19: Traction and Radio

2002/07/19: Amazon's built-in XSLT service

2002/07/19: Translucent databases

2002/07/18: Forgotten software, space junk

2002/07/17: Triangulating on Word 11 XML editing

2002/07/17: Amazon's RESTful experiment

2002/07/16: Peer-to-peer air travel

2002/07/14: John Patrick on digital IDs for spam control

2002/07/13: Word 11, XML, and the universal canvas

2002/07/11: XSH: A Perl viewing/editing shell for XML

2002/07/11: IBM's mainframe Linux hosting service

2002/07/09: Control your identity, or Microsoft and Intel will

2002/07/09: Web services orchestration

2002/07/08: Jeffrey P Shell thinking out loud about Zope

2002/07/08: Phil Windley's 12-point manifesto for public information officers

2002/07/08: DRM, active paper, and the future of publishing

2002/07/05: Microsoft, NNTP, and the mismanagement of knowledge management

2002/07/05: Disposable email addresses and credit card numbers

2002/07/03: Rich clients, web services, and web analytics

2002/07/02: Web services security and XML pixie dust

2002/07/01: Jon Schull on visualizing blogthreads

2002/07/01: Mozilla does CRL right

2002/06/28: Mozilla opens up Microsoft's closed Outlook PST format

2002/06/27: Transmeta gadgets and paradigm shift gear grinding

2002/06/26: Glue, Gaia, and the services grid

2002/06/25: Convergence: I'll take computer/phone over screen/paper

2002/06/25: XMethods uses SonicMQ for asynch version of XSpace

2002/06/25: Google, PageRank and k-logging

2002/06/25: Wireless in NYC

2002/06/21: ASP.NET without IIS

2002/06/19: Mark Pilgrim on titling for accessibility

2002/06/19: Loose coupling and data integrity

2002/06/18: Triangulating on k-logging for homeland security

2002/06/18: Steve Yost on ubiquitous collaboration tools

2002/06/17: Routine intertwingularity and manufactured serendipity

2002/06/17: Baby boom

2002/06/17: The GPS friendly fire incident: design versus training

2002/06/17: Traction Software's k-logging system

2002/06/17: Is web services orchestration a new class of problem?

2002/06/17: Intertwingularity, strange loops, tangled hierarchies

2002/06/15: Work narration and wanker management

2002/06/15: Kimbro Staken: Sleepycat's embedded XML database

2002/06/13: Extreme design versus extreme programming

2002/06/12: Blogging and homeland security: connecting the dots

2002/06/11: What if being non-communicative weren't an option?

2002/06/11: Matt Pope on the Groove experiment: reaching closure

2002/06/10: Radio supports XCOPY deployment

2002/06/10: Ruby (the language), TupleSpaces, REST, and Ruby (Sam)

2002/06/10: This phase of the Groove/weblog experiment is concluding

2002/06/10: Matt Mower on community formation in blogspace

2002/06/10: Managing identity in Groove public spaces

2002/06/09: A report from the Groove/weblog frontier

2002/06/06: Onramps, offramps, Groove, and blogs

2002/06/05: A Flash MX rich edit control

2002/06/05: Seeing and tuning social networks

2002/06/05: Matt Pope on collaborative flow between Groove and blogspace

2002/06/05: The fisheye lens effect in a Flash MX listbox

2002/06/04: Groovespace, blogspace, and Google: Q and A from Michael Herman

2002/06/04: Visualizing XML with Flash

2002/06/04: Bold neighbors

2002/06/03: Weblog neighborhoods

2002/06/03: Auto-discovery of mySubscriptions.opml

2002/06/03: RSS auto-discovery and meta-linking, continued

2002/06/03: RSS auto-discovery and meta-linking

2002/06/02: What's Next Conference in Brattleboro, Vermont

2002/06/02: Netscape Enterprise Server replaced on

2002/05/30: The web isn't Xanadu, but it's not too shabby either

2002/05/30: Social networking in Radiospace, follow-up

2002/05/29: Personal RSS aggregators, and a personal note about BYTE

2002/05/28: Social networking in Radiospace

2002/05/25: Zope Page Templates and DTML

2002/05/23: Postel's dictum applied to HTML in RSS

2002/05/23: Conversant and the art of the press release

2002/05/23: Zope Page Templates, triangulation, and shared blogspace

2002/05/23: What is an RSS description?

2002/05/22: Neurotypical brains have better things to do

2002/05/22: Personal RSS aggregators

2002/05/21: SOAP routing and HTTP transport

2002/05/20: Common XML: a quiet, stress-free park bench

2002/05/20: Basic and advanced RSS

2002/05/19: Extending RSS: first things first

2002/05/19: The secret life of numbers

2002/05/19: Manhattan project for energy independence

2002/05/19: Hyperlinks (are supposed to) matter

2002/05/18: Managing credentials with Counterpane's Password Safe

2002/05/16: Spectrum is a nonrivalrous resource

2002/05/16: Web services and the web ecosystem

2002/05/16: Rob Flickenger: Tapping the alpha geek noosphere with EtherPEG

2002/05/16: Sketching on napkins

2002/05/15: Security, immunology, and health

2002/05/15: Security, insurance, and hard realities

2002/05/15: Out with the old, in with the new

2002/05/15: PKI: no silver bullet, but not worthless either

2002/05/14: PKI and SSL: house of cards?

2002/05/14: Broad-spectrum natural language processing

2002/05/13: Tacit knowledge and software usability

2002/05/12: Stephen Downes' referral system

2002/05/10: Daylight ahead for RSS writers and readers

2002/05/09: jabberconf blaggplug

2002/05/09: Radio's RSS writer is now user-extensible

2002/05/09: Topic-sensitive PageRank

2002/05/08: What is standard Internet metadata?

2002/05/08: Archive retitler bugfix

2002/05/08: Two flavors of RSS channel

2002/05/07: A picture of weblogs

2002/05/07: RSS truncation shouldn't be an either/or choice

2002/05/07: If you look through a macroscope, what will you see?

2002/05/06: Google's bias is a temporary anomaly

2002/05/06: Direct SOAP calls from Flash MX

2002/05/06: How easy should web services be?

2002/05/06: Blogspace under the _Macroscope_

2002/05/06: Backlink display in Radio

2002/05/03: Blogspace under the microscope

2002/05/03: Security, finance, and risk management

2002/05/02: Linking to SOAP-exposed resources

2002/04/30: Valdis Krebs on knowledge networks

2002/04/30: Visualizing Googlespace

2002/04/29: The Google API is a two-way street

2002/04/29: .NET for the enterprise

2002/04/29: Macromedia's XML resource feed

2002/04/23: The practical benefits of literary forms

2002/04/19: The semantic web: it's whom you know

2002/04/19: Mark Shuttleworth's wild ride

2002/04/19: Steven Denning on organizational storytelling

2002/04/19: Radio, XML, and the semantic web

2002/04/19: Using XML appropriately

2002/04/18: Eating the XML dogfood

2002/04/18: Jeffrey P Shell, Zope's lizard brain, and loosely-coupled messaging

2002/04/16: What is an application?

2002/04/15: Rewriting titles to optimize information flow

2002/04/15: OpenLink's Virtuoso is truly a universal server

2002/04/15: Groove 2 debuts

2002/04/15: Zope lessons learned

2002/04/11: Paul Holbrook improves RSS truncation

2002/04/11: Shortening RSS descriptions to lead sentences

2002/04/09: SOAP security and external underwear

2002/04/08: The scannable blog

2002/04/08: myNetWatchman: neighborhood watch for the Internet

2002/04/05: Social capital, trust, and the purposes of online community

2002/04/05: Social capital, bonding, and bridging

2002/04/04: Wiki/weblog integration points

2002/04/02: Soft security, Wiki, blogging, IO

2002/04/02: Early adopter advisory: OPML data loss!

2002/04/02: Sun's Java versus open source Java

2002/04/01: Java, XML, and Web Services

2002/04/01: Early adopters reflect on .NET

2002/04/01: Working with XSLT

2002/04/01: Instant outlining

2002/04/01: Storytelling in the era of postliterate publishing

2002/04/01: XML::Simpler released to CPAN

2002/03/31: Teams that communicate with care

2002/03/30: Transclude/include

2002/03/30: Transclusion, Ted Nelson, and Xanadu

2002/03/30: Sjoerd Visscher's outline renderer / MS XSLT Server

2002/03/30: Group discussion and instant outlining

2002/03/29: Exploring transclusion

2002/03/28: Marc Barrot's outline renderer

2002/03/28: Productivity is the endgame

2002/03/27: Pipelining the Web

2002/03/24: Cross-platform coffee cups

2002/03/19: Bill Sietz on sending links-and-blurbs vs. sending whole items

2002/03/19: Blog locally, rewire globally

2002/03/18: Thinking by analogy

2002/03/18: Read about XQuery, then test-drive it

2002/03/18: An XSLT Tutorial

2002/03/16: Listing titled items on a storyList page

2002/03/16: Expanding inbound feeds, trimming outbound feeds

2002/03/15: Messages to spaces is publish/subscribe

2002/03/15: Bite-sized nuggets

2002/03/15: Extensibility and critical mass

2002/03/15: JavaScript, Perl, Python, .NET

2002/03/15: Writing in Mozilla

2002/03/14: Instant gratification

2002/03/14: Ask and ye shall receive: Hannes Wallnofer's Bloggenmoz

2002/03/13: Rekindled hope for Mozilla

2002/03/13: Marc got his channelroll working

2002/03/13: We are reaching critical mass

2002/03/13: Titles and contexts

2002/03/12: Oar pullers and sail inventors

2002/03/11: News-oriented versus blog-oriented RSS behaviors

2002/03/11: Titled items added to Radio!

2002/03/10: Ways of paying attention

2002/03/10: Limited monopoly and the solo inventor

2002/03/10: Bootstrapping the knowledge network

2002/03/08: Heads, decks, and leads

2002/03/08: RSS, supernodes, and Gladwellian Connectors

2002/03/06: Aspect oriented programming

2002/03/06: Are we ready to address messages to spaces?

2002/03/05: The sanctity of sources

2002/03/05: Cultural evolution and K-logs

2002/03/04: Reading books online

2002/03/04: Hashtables, structs, XML-RPC, and SOAP

2002/03/04: Using people as filters

2002/03/04: Sam's encounter with manufactured serendipity

2002/03/03: Why titles matter

2002/03/03: The RSS stock exchange

2002/03/03: Pipelining XML

2002/02/25: Converging on truth

2002/02/25: Simon Fell on reliable SOAP messaging

2002/02/25: Simon Fell on SOAP-RP and WS-Routing

2002/02/25: WS-Routing and Rohit Khare's active proxies

2002/02/24: Paul Prescod on REST and RPC

2002/02/24: Sam Ruby meditates on type metadata

2002/02/24: Introducing the channelroll

2002/02/21: Fergus Henderson on the CLR and "skinnable languages"

2002/02/21: Paul Graham on intimidation, opportunity, and Lisp

2002/02/20: Jon, Nish, and the accident of geography

2002/02/19: Peter Drayton on Ars Technica on .NET

2002/02/19: Xanadu here we come

2002/02/19: Walking the SOAP/WSDL fault line

2002/02/14: David Brin: The naked truth about privacy

2002/02/12: Adam Bosworth: Toward an XML programming language

2002/02/12: Monetizing web services

2002/02/11: Group-forming networks

2002/02/07: Quick and dirty topic mapping

2002/02/07: Michael Kinsley: Globolog, the international language of self-regard

2002/02/06: Hives, swarming, scale, and connectedness

2002/02/04: Mr. Beller's neighborhood

2002/01/31: The uses of indirect discussion

2002/01/23: Messages addressed to spaces

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