Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I had a difficult time figuring out how to create a database to use while playing around with the ASP.NET Web Matrix tool. I seem to have the SQL Server 7 client installed, but lack any authority to create a new database on a server. I figured the easist approach would be to download the MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine). It's supposedly packaged with the .NET Framework SDK, Visio 2000, and Office XP. I have the SDK, but could not find MSDE. I hunted all around various Microsoft sites to no avail. In desparation a launched a full search of my hard drive. Paydirt! I found the setup for MSDE tucked away in Program FilesMicrosoft.NETFrameworkSDKSamplesSetupmsde. It was not installed by default, probably because the .NET SDK setup noticed I had the SQL Server 7 client installed.

A couple notes on setting up MSDE. First, the setup.exe did not work for me. However, instmsde.exe seemed to work fine. Second, MSDE runs as a service and is automatically launched at startup. The install did not require a reboot, but it also did not start the service for me. You will need to reboot or manually launch the service. That can be done through the control panel. You can also do it at the command line using Net Start, but I do not know the name of the service to launch. Second, once I had MSDE running I could not figure out how to connect to MSDE. WebMatrix kept giving me a prompt for a local service, (e.g. localhost), but that was not working. I finally tried configuring a datasource through ODBC before stumbling on the name of the installed service. In my case, it was 007-mwoodsNetSDK. That is, my machine name followed by the name of the server set up on my local machine.
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Dave Berry has written an excellent tutorial on using FrontPage with Radio. After reading Dave's tutorial I have a much better understanding both for how I might use FrontPage with Radio and why I might want to. Thanks Dave!
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