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# Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some great notes on last night's Ruby keynote with Matz.

For someone so modest, DHH is a genius. To have taken rails from such a humble beginning to the poster child it has become, is simply amazing. That it achieved all of this in just one year is a miracle.

Hopefully the audio and presentation slides will be available soon, as soon as I track them down I will be posting the links here.

# Saturday, October 15, 2005

This afternoons presentations were the best so far, especially Ryan Davis's presentation on Zenhacks.

As soon as I can find his presentation slides I will be posting a link here, definitely not to miss.

Matz's keynote was also fascinating, I'm really looking forward to keyword arguments in Ruby.

The PDF:Writer presentation is starting up, this should be great.

Brent Roman just finished his talk on 'Embedding Ruby into a robotic Marine Labratory'. A lot of the science stuff was a little over my head, but I found it very cool that NASA is looking at his work to use in off world applications, more specifically looking for life in off world oceans.

No clergy looks fascinating, would love to participate in an audience session using no clergy. I should talk to Jamie about getting together some musicians when I get back.

Day 2 is starting up, first panel is Kevin Baird on refactoring No Clergy.

# Friday, October 14, 2005

Sitting in the lobby of the hotel watching what looks like the entire Rails core group hacking away at what I hope is Rails 1.0

Some super detailed notes on the Rubyconf presentations from Kevin Clark.

Just found the link to the audio files of Rubyconf 2005, haven't listned to them yet.

The battery in the my Acer Travelmate 800 has been slowly losing it's charge over the past year or so, being down from ~5 hours to < 1 hour.

Not knowing the wether we would have access to power outlets at Rubyconf I decided to replace it. To my great consternation I discovered that it is quite difficult to get your hands on a replacement battery within a reasonable amount of time.

As a result some research in to alternative battery solutions for laptops. Most were very expensive ($500 and up), bulky and offered no performance increase over the internal battery.

The I discovered batterygeek, they offered a free battery audit and their prices were very reasonable (~$200 about the same as my internal battery). Even more impressive they were touting 5-10 hours of charge time!

After two days of almost continuous use I must say that my new battery is all I hoped for and more.

The charge time is absolutely amazing (everyone glared at me jealously at the conference). And the unit is relatively compact and lightweight.

So if your current laptop battery is losing it's charge, I would strongly encourage you to take a look at some of the solutions offered by Battery Geek.

First day of presentations are done, all in all I must say their is a lot of very cool things going on in the Ruby world.

Learned that a couple more people are here, among them: Jamis Buck and a couple of the guys from the Robot co-op. The former are working on a very interesting project called Metaruby where the goal is to write Ruby in Ruby!

I have some reservations about the project, mostly will it be fast enough to actually use? Would be interested to see any benchmarks they've done so far.

Next presentation is starting up, it's on JRuby.

Don't know much about it, looks like they want to be the bridge between Java and Ruby for companies that want some of the advantages offered by Ruby without giving up on Java.

Interesting, but doesn't really apply to me. Also, looks like a ton of work.

Best part of this presentation for me personally, I learned a new word: Rubification.

Radio is having problems updating my RSS feed, hopefully the pings are still getting through... stay tuned.

UPDATE: Manual publish worked, thanks Marc.

UPDATE: Everything seems to be working ok again, think it was my fault the date on my box got set to August which seems to have caused some problems with Radio.

The open-uri presentation is turning out to be much more interesting that I had expected. First the library looks incredibly slick, and to boot the author has some very intesting general ideas on API design.

He's talking about Huffman coding now, going to have to read up on that. Looks very cool.

Lots of emphasis on short code.

I also really like the sound of 'reuse user knowledge'.

Here is one I really like, a change to the API that results in incompatibility is bad, but not fixing a bad API is worse ;)

Very good presentation. But the post presentation discussion is even more interesting, lots of good stuff from David. I sure hope someone is recording this.

First talk is beginning, Top-to-bottom testing in Rails by Frank Wang.

I've got a pretty good subscription list going for the conference. Besides the obvious: Loud Thinking, Signal vs Noise I've got: Riding Rails, David Rupp, Deirdre Saoirse Moen, James Britt, Jason Wong, Obie, Funworks, Redhanded, Stone Cold Weblog as well as a Feedster search subscription and a Technorati watchlist.

If you're in the above list feel free to drop me a comment, or just attending the conference feel free to drop me a comment.

Woohoo, I made it, things look like they are just about to get rolling here. Yup, someone just said 'Welcome to Rubyconf 2005'. More later!

# Monday, September 26, 2005

Echoing Bruce Shneier...

This is the second scariest thing I've seen in a while, it's even scarier when combined with the first.

# Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Test... please ignore.

# Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just watched the shuttle landing on Nasa TV / CNN. What an amazing mission, picture perferct. I've been following it on and off for the past 14 days via Yahoo's Nasa TV feed. I even managed to see the gap filler repair live 'the big patient is cured' ;)

One of the things that struck me was the great Canadian precense throughout the mission. Capcom for Discovery was Canada's own Julie Payette, I must admit that I jumped when I first heard the 'Bonjour from Capcom' on the first day of the mission.

And Canada's shining jewel in space, the Canadarm allowed the first in flight inspection of the shuttle. Very, very cool technology.

Very happy to see the crew home safely. Hopefully NASA will be able to work out the final bugs with the External Tank so they can continue flying and finish building the ISS.

# Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The shuttle is finally back in space.

I watched the launch live on CNN, man does that puppy ever move. Great to see NASA launching again, but now the real work begins.