the power of 0ne

# May 21, 2004

A few people are dreaming about what we could once the kernel to Frontier is opened up. I'm starting to drool just thinking about it!

Interesting post on Global Guerillas about homemade microwave weapons. The possible damage to our infracstructure using these babies is staggering both in terms of destruction of hardware and disruption caused when the hardware fails.

Imagine unleashing one of these things on a multi-million dollar super computer? Or how about simultaneously hitting several power stations? Pretty much everthing these days relies on microchips, which are extremely vulnerable to microwave radiation.

More information on exactly how easy it is to build a microwave weapon is needed, but the potential is there.

The Frontier Kernel is going Open Source! Woohoo! Yipppy! Yay! :D

This opens up so much possibility. We might actually get a Linux version of Frontier, who knows I might even code some of it.

Wow, I can't get over how cool this is. I've been waiting YEARS for this announcement. I'm afraid someone will punch me and i'll wake up to find out it's all just a wonderfull dream.