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  Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The SAFER Kids will love this story from Science Blog. From the article, "People who smoke marijuana--even heavy, long-term marijuana users--do not appear to be at increased risk of developing lung cancer, according to a study to be presented at the American Thoracic Society International Conference on May 23rd. Marijuana smoking also did not appear to increase the risk of head and neck cancers, such as cancer of the tongue, mouth, throat, or esophagus, the study found. The findings were a surprise to the researchers."

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7:11:27 PM     

Science, Race and Gender

Unbossed: "Don't get me wrong. White, male scientists have been very good to us. There is almost not a second of my life when I don't depend on the fruits of their efforts.

"But so strong is the stereotype that science is the domain of white males that talented women and minorities may not even think of science as a career. And they may not have the support they need along the way.

"It is not the case that white males can only do white, male science. But when a huge percentage of the population is not engaging in science, we do not bring all our capacity to the task of understanding our universe. We also risk having problems and their solutions overlooked and underdeveloped.

"Science itself is concerned by this problem."

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Dodd for president?

Political Wire: "Sen. Christopher Dodd (DC) said today he has 'decided to do all the things that are necessary to prepare to seek the presidency in 2008,' the Hartford Courant reports. He 'will hire staff, raise money and travel around the country in the next few months as he tries to enlist support.' A Dodd White House run 'would faces numerous hurdles. He lacks the name recognition of candidates such as 2004 ticket-mates John Kerry and John Edwards, former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, Delaware Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., and others. And the $2 million Dodd has on hand for a race is dwarfed by New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's estimated $20 million and Kerry's estimated $17 million. Dodd also will be scrutinized like never before -- facing questions about thousands of votes over the years, criticism of consistently high rankings by liberal groups, skepticism about whether a New Englander should head the ticket again and likely barbs about his days in the 1980s, when he was divorced and known as a ladies' man.'"

"2008 pres"
6:16:10 AM     

Holtzman for governor?

Mike Littwin (via the Rocky Mountain News): "Marc Holtzman can apparently take a punch. Actually, I'm thinking he can take a stake to the heart. If you missed the state Republican assembly - and I know I did - you still may have heard that Holtzman was hammered - 72 percent to 28 percent - by Bob Beauprez in the gubernatorial race. That's not a beating. That's assault and battery. And yet, somehow, it's Beauprez's side that comes out looking bloody. Holtzman can thank state Republican chairman Bob Martinez, who never meant to go anywhere near Holtzman's corner. It was Martinez - the supposedly neutral state chair - who begged Holtzman privately to quit the governor's race. And then, as if that weren't sufficiently humiliating, he begged him publicly to quit the governor's race. Holtzman turned him down flat both times. I wish I could have heard the conversation."

"denver 2006"
5:59:37 AM     

Term limits for judges?

Former state legislator, John Andrew, wants term limits for judges, according to the Denver Post. From the article, "Colorado would become the first state to limit the number of terms served by state appellate judges and Supreme Court justices under a ballot initiative proposed by former state Senate President John Andrews...

"The state Supreme Court signed off Monday on the language of the ballot measure - language that had been contested by opponents who claimed 'term limits' is a catchphrase that has been improperly used in political messages and therefore has no place on a ballot initiative. Supporters of the ballot initiative still must gather 67,829 valid signatures by Aug. 7 to get the measure before voters in November. Under Andrews' proposal, Colorado appellate judges and justices could serve no more than 12 years on the bench, divided into three four-year terms. Currently, judges on the Court of Appeals have eight-year terms and Supreme Court justices have 10-year terms. There is no limit on the number of terms, but they must retire at age 72...

"In another decision Monday, the Supreme Court approved the language of another ballot initiative. The initiative would prohibit individuals or entities that contribute more than $500 to an issues committee that advocates a tax hike or debt increase from benefiting from that proposal through a job or contract."

"denver 2006"
5:47:58 AM     

Farm disaster on the South Platte
A picture named irrigation.jpg

Here's an short update from the Rocky Mountain News about the farmers whose wells were shut down by the state last week. They write, "Crops left without water because of a state-ordered shutdown of irrigation wells are holding their own, growers said Monday, even as they paid $700,000 to bring water from the Western Slope to help ease the potential crisis...

"The West Slope water will benefit only those farmers who can apply it directly to their fields - or roughly half of the 200 farms affected by the shutdown, according to the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District, whose farmers operate the wells. Farmers who rely solely on wells won't benefit from the extra water yet because they don't have state approval to restart their wells, something that may not occur in time to save the crops. At the same time, cities such as Boulder and Highlands Ranch and some farmers continue to object to restarting the wells, saying it's not clear whether the well owners have come up with enough water to compensate for their pumping."

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